Some services may only be provided to those who apart of the IL Program. If you are interested in joining the IL Program, call either our Chico or Redding Office today. You can also check out the IL Program tab under Services.

Listed below are some services we offer at DAC:


Our staff is available, upon our consumers’ requests, to help empower persons with disabilities to obtain their personal, administrative and civil rights.

Peer Advising

We provide peer advisors who serve as role models and offer support in coping with day-to-day issues/problems and in social/personal behavior enhancement.

Information and Referral

Our information and referral service helps community members become aware of benefits, programs and services available for people with disabilities.

Assistive Technology (AT)

We provide our consumers with information about technology that can assist them in their daily lives. Assistive technology devices include everything from Velcro strips and mechanical grabbers to voice recognition software and vehicle hand controls.

Senior Vision Program

Senior Vision Program is for those 55 years or older who are experiencing vision problems. Staff may provide you with services to maintain enjoyment and enhance your daily activities. *We do not provide resources to Butte County for this program*


Housing has information, and strategies for people with disabilities to live as independently as possible.  Housing Rental Listings are available on a weekly basis.

Provider Referral

We may recruit and refer providers for our consumers. Care providers assist with personal care, housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation or other needs.

Independent Living Skills (ILS) Training

We provide individualized instruction on vital skills needed for self-reliance, such as money and household management, meal preparation and nutrition, and community service referrals.