“Walk-N-Roll Thru the 70’s” Style Guide

If you’re needing instruction or inspiration on choosing your fabulous 70’s outfit for tomorrow’s “Walk-N-Roll,” DAC is pleased to offer this comprehensive guide.  We’re honestly not sure if the PowerPoint will work in this format – but we’re going to give it a few tries to see what happens.  Enjoy! (Hopefully): 1970’s Style Guide for Walk-N-Roll 2017

Walk-N-Roll Thru the 70’s

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Downtown Chico City Plaza

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (on site Registration 9:00 AM) 

After Party at Duffy’s Tavern, downtown Chico, 3:00 to 7:00 PM



Walk-N-Roll on April 22, 2017

Upcoming Events this week in April 2017


April 6, 2017

Low Vision Support Group

10am-11am at River Commons (use to be River Oaks) 301 Hartnell Ave. Redding, CA – you may RSVP or call for more details (530) 242-8550

Facilitators: Nancy and Pam

April 6, 2017

Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group

10am-12pm at Disability Action Center (building use to be American Title) 1600 West St. Redding, CA- you may RSVP or call for more details (530) 242-8550

Facilitators: Teresa

Brain Injury Awareness Month – TBI by the Numbers


Traumatic Brain Injury Program Support Group

The upcoming meeting is Thursday March 2, 2017 at 10am to 12pm.



Voice Options Pilot Program

We are excited to be part of the Voice Options Pilot Program. Mary Nagashima in the Redding office will be providing these services to consumers. If you have any questions please contact Mary at extension 211.

Introducing the Voice Options Pilot Project California Speech Technology Program.

We are excited to announce the launch Voice Options, California Speech Technology Program. Voice Options is a statewide pilot program offering iPads with speech applications to people with disabilities for demonstration, short and long-term loan via 10 demonstration centers throughout the state.

The project is funded by the California Public Utilities Commission and administered by the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers.

Using an iPad with a speech application may make being understood easier and allow people with speech language disabilities to speak independently. Speech applications designed for iPads will allow users to control an alternative voice. Users enter what they want to say on the iPad, and it is voiced through speakers.

Who qualifies for a demonstration
and short-term loan?

Californians who are not able to speak or have difficulty speaking may borrow iPads with speech applications to determine if using an iPad increases their ability to communicate. All Voice Options iPads are equipped with the following speech apps:

Individuals may borrow an iPad for up to 30 days to determine if using a speech app increases their ability to communicate. If the user determines a speech app on the iPad works well for them, they may apply for a long-term loan of the device with their favorite speech app. Long-term loans require a verification of disability status by a designated professional.

Individuals can participate in this program by visiting one of 10 Demonstration Centers in the following cities: Redding, Sacramento, Grass Valley, San Jose, Salinas, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Santa Ana, San Bernardino and San Diego, or by visiting:

VoiceOptions.org (800) 390-2699 / (800) 900-0706 TTY info@voiceoptions.org

Voice Options Pilot Program

DAC Redding is implementing the Voice Options Pilot Program, which connects Californians who have difficulty speaking

or are not able to speak, to iPads with speech apps. These speech apps can speak for you. It may make being understood

easier and allow you to speak independently. This pilot program allows people who have difficulty speaking to borrow an

iPad with communication apps for a short term loan. We will provide assistance in learning how to use the apps.

If the apps are helpful to you, you may apply for a long-term loan.

Please see the Voice Options  Website VoiceOptions.org for specific information. Call the Redding Disability Action Center,

530-242-8550, ext 211 and ask for Mary Nagashima to set up a demonstration or to ask questions about the program. We are

Also available to present our program to interested groups. We’d like to reach out to everyone who might benefit from this