Notes from Redding Action Team

1) CARA Convention in Sacramento

John Bauman, MC advocate, Social Sec Works 

A) Going forward, seniors advocates should refer to Medicare and Social Security as “earned benefits” — not entitlements– when speaking to the public at large, as MC opponents like to refer to it. These issues are too important and easily cross party lines. Political identity shouldn’t matter re: MC and Soc Security.B) CARA’s agenda should drive the organization, not politics.C) Raising taxes to pay for MC for All is the wrong argument to make to the public. It’s about providing the best healthcare we can while lowering costs like outrageous drug prices.

Keynote address from Josh Kornbluth, societal ethicist. This guy has some valuable vids on YouTube that’s worth your time (Citizen Brain vid series). Really down to earth.

A) How to avoid dementia. Show empathy for others around you. Use your imagination. Your brain builds empathy. Empathy circuit (part of brain science). Embrace getting older: Aging vs. Ageism. People who get diagnosed with dementia are alone and disconnected from their daily environment.

Afternoon workshop: Affordable housing (Tenants Together org. and Housing Calif).

A) The motto should be: citizens lead the cause. Organizing = winning. We need power to influence politicians. Politicians don’t always like affordable housing. Housing Together has a statewide program There Ought to be a Law (7 regions).

Discrimination based on race and economic conditions is still a problem.

B) Most renters in state are “rent burdened” — rent exceeds 33% of their mo. income.

C) Tenant protections are key to preventing homelessness. AB 1482 attempts to strengthen (Just Cause stipulation) these for issues like no fault evictions and 60 day notices.Look out for bad faith business practices by landlords before stronger laws take effect in Jan. 2020. Use every tool. Mobilizing has its perks.

2nd Afternoon workshop: LTSS Allie Cannington, statewide advocate/organizer CFILCA)

How do we win on LTSS issues?Project 5-10-15 years. Access to health care system. We need to tell our own story. Need increased funding for LTSS. Pay in-home health service/support workers more $$$.

CARA’s convention ended with a rally at the capitol. CARA speakers called for closing corporate tax loopholes that would put billions back into state coffers to fund healthcare initiatives like Medicare for All, and schools. Chevron and Disney should pay their fair share in taxes.

2) Regular CARA meeting in Redding (Nov.)

Exec Dir. Jodie Reid wants DAC to become an affiliate member of CARA.