Our Mission
Ordinary people with extraordinary vision for social justice.

Our Vision
We are representatives and advocates for the disabled population. We are determined to utilize all means and ways available to advance our cause of all persons with disabilities to attain an acceptable quality of life that is right for all human beings to possess. We are a broad-based coalition, placing the people first, and we desire justice for all. Every life has value.

Our Goals
To fulfill our mission and vision, we follow these principles:

  • Increase quality healthcare for all
  • Advocate universal health insurance for all
  • Save In-Home Support Services
  • Increase affordable/accessible housing
  • Reform corporate welfare (Tax justice)
  • Advocate for fully funded quality public social services
  • Military fund for defense, not offense
  • Improve affordable/accessible transportation for all
  • No community left behind, plenty for all
  • Support immigration rights
  • Solidarity with all workers

DAC’s ILSNC originally formed D.O.G.F.I.T.E., the Disability Organizing Group for Initiating Total Equality, as an action team dedicated to saving the IHSS program as we know it.

As it gains momentum and unites activists in more places, we take on other issues affecting people with disabilities. To this end, we both organize and participate in actions on both local and statewide levels to raise awareness and build an opposition.
Join us!

DOGFITE is a proud member of the Northern California State Budget Alliance

For dates of future actions or more information, please contact Sor Lo or Evan LeVang at (530) 893-8527 or email sor@actionctr.org or evan@actionctr.org.

Contact your local, state and federal elected officials to express your opinions. For a list of available modes of contact, click here.