Goodbye Winter Hello Spring


What does one think of when the first day of Spring arrives? Other people are perhaps thinking of gardening, remodeling, construction, and more rain to come right? At ILSNC, pirates are sailing the seas and a great deal of planning and implementation go into making Pirate Palooza happen. Folks have so much fun at Pirate Palooza, and the great staff behind the scenes makes it look so easy. The 8th year of Pirate Palooza in Chico brings more feasting, fun, entertainment, and treasure that it is going to be a blast. Not out of a smoking cannon, but simply so much fun. Some tickets are still available for Pirate Palooza, so come on over to the ILSNC office in Chico or call 800-464-8527 to get them. You can even grab a table to bring a work team, a family, or friends together for a Saturday evening out doing something joyous and make some memories.  Share with co-workers, family, and friends.

skulls pirate fantasy art

Canyon Oaks Country Club in Chico, CA

Canyon Oaks Country Club in Chico, CA

Enjoy an evening of gracious entertainment at Canyon Oaks Country Club on March 29, 2014 at 6pm to 10pm. Enjoy a full course dinner, live entertainment, silent auction, costume contest, prizes, and dancing as we celebrate the 8th Annual Pirate Palooza. Tickets are on sale now.
Please contact 800-464-8527 to make arrangements for tickets, buy online, or come by to see us.

Sharing January Events



Monthly Lyme Disease Support Group will not meet on Monday, January 20th. due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. 


Ed Roberts Day is Thursday, January 23rd.  Please celebrate the day!


Monthly Lyme Disease Support Group will meet Monday, January 27th at 5:30 to 7:00 PM at the Chico ILSNC office at 1161 East Ave. between the avenues of Ceres and Floral.


Veterans Resource Fair will be in two weeks on Wednesday, January 29th at the Veterans Hall in downtown Redding next to the post office from 9am to 3pm. 



During the recent Fall Fundraising period of 2012, Independent Living Services of Northern California has taken great pleasure and pride in assisting our local public media outlets, KZFR, KCHO/KFPR and KIXE Television in their fundraising efforts.  We are pleased to provide valuable phone volunteers taking calls from listeners and viewers.

Phone volunteers are beautiful.

We encourage all to support this valuable public resource.  Our local stations can be reached through their various web sites.

KZFR is at:

KCHO/KFPR (Northstate Public Radio) is at:

KIXE Television is at:

Community Garden Plot Thriving as Winter Nears

Husband and wife agricultural team, Tong Vang and Mai Lor, have done amazing work on ILSNC’s plot at the Bidwell Community Garden in Chico.  Following a successful Spring/Summer crop, they re-planted a Fall/Winter garden specializing in a variety of green vegetables – all grown without chemicals or pesticides.  Mr. Vang also constructed a small greenhouse in which they are growing lemon grass.  They work on the garden two to three times a week.

Tong Vang & Mai Lor

Greenhouse constructed by Mr. Vang

They enjoy the health benefits of outdoor activity as well as having fresh, organic produce available to eat and share.  Both Tong and Mai are members of the Hmong Disability Rights Council and are frequent participants in disability advocacy events and campaigns. ILSNC is proud of what Tong and Mai have accomplished.

As other garden plots become available, we will be expanding with new opportunities for community gardening/agriculture for our consumers in the near future.  To learn more and to volunteer with our Community Garden Project, go to:

100 Attend Town Hall on Healthcare

Monday evening, a full house of 100 people attended an exciting and inspiring town hall meeting describing the successful new strategy  employed by activists in Vermont from 2008 to the present day.   One of the strongest messages heard was that only through dogged determination and a strong commitment to promoting unity based on principles of inclusion can any progressive movement succeed.

It was truly empowering to learn that so many dedicated activists were so committed to the first principle of reform, which is universality.  Attempts were made by opponents to dilute the resulting legislation by proposing to not cover undocumented immigrants.  It could easily have been people with disabilities since most have Medi-Cal and are technically covered with one form of insurance.  Since most of us suffer at the expense of an inferior brand of health insurance, we urge y0u to join the single-payer movement.  You can make real contributions and receive an improved, truly universal 100% coverage “Improved Medicare for All” healthcare system as a result.  In Butte County, the Butte County Health Care Coalition would welcome your contribution of effort.

The 6 Principles of Real Healthcare Reform are:

  1. Universality

  2. Comprehensive, High-Quality Level of Care

  3. Affordable, Based on Ability to Pay

  4. Costs Must Be Contained

  5. Accountability

  6. Transparency

If you would like to be the beneficiary of such a wonderful improvement in your healthcare options, consider volunteering for the Butte County Health Care Coalition.  Additional information is available on their website at :

In our society there is a new opening for deep changes.  If you are tired and discouraged from getting the short end of the stick lately, we encourage you to get active.  In the 60’s, disabled activists gained important civil rights through participation in the social justice issues of the day.  Now is our time to gain new rights by joining with other activists.  What better place to start than by joining the other activists fighting for a fair and just healthcare system, one in which disabled citizens share with others in living a better quality of life.

Congratulations to Linda Furr, recipient of the 2011 Peace Endeavor Award presented by the Chico Peace and Justice Center.

Congratulations to Linda Furr – recipient of the 2011 Peace Endeavor Award presented by the Chico Peace and Justice Center on October 20, 2011. Linda is a tireless – and joyful – activist for too many causes to list here, but all falling under the banner of peace and social justice. We at ILSNC deeply appreciate her contributions to the Northern California State Budget Alliance as we work to preserve vital, lifeline programs and services for people with disabilities in California. Thank you, Linda, for all that you do.  For more information on the Chico Peace and Justice Center, visit: