Join Us – Thursday, June 29th, 6:30 to 8:00 PM. EVERYONE has a story to tell. Come give your stories a new life.

SpeakEasy Live! #1- “Welcome to our Campfire”

SpeakEasy Live! #2- “Road Trip”

Disability Action Center is excited to bring our 3rd evening of live storytelling back to the DAC Community Room, 1161 East Ave in Chico. Musical performances, poetry readings–you never know what you’re going to hear at SpeakEasy Live. 2017 speakeasy3 webflyer

SpeakEasy Live! stories are true, first-person accounts that can be told in about a 10-minute time frame. We allow storytellers to use notes or any assistive device they choose. People with communication-related disabilities are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Wondering how to get your story into “telling” form? Join us for our next Storytelling Workshops on Wednesday June 14, and June 21 at 4:00 PM, DAC Chico. The program is designed for everyone from absolute beginners to experienced public speakers. The workshops feature video tutorials on storytelling structure and performance; provide opportunities to brainstorm story topics and to work on developing and refining your 10-minute story for live performance. Get ready for the fun!

For more information please call Carolyn at (530) 893-8527 – Extension 114.