What is Assistive Technology (AT)?

AT promotes independence by helping people preform tasks that they were unable to accomplish before. By providing enhancements and different methods of technology, individuals challenged by a disability can benefit in various ways in their personal life, whether that is through education, employment, or recreation. 


How do we get our equipment?

Based on donations, we accept Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in a clean and reusable condition. Which is any reusable item that exists primarily to provide a medical function. We then provide DME through a Re-Use Program on a permanent or temporary basis. This program is designed to match people with disabilities to the proper equipment for their needs. Availability varies and may include:

  • Mobility Devices – such as wheelchairs and walkers
  • Bath Aids – such as transfer benches, shower chairs, and stools
  • Toilet Aids – such as bedside commodes and raised toilet seats


Interested in Donating Equipment?

Listed below are some examples of what items DAC can and cannot accept by donation.

We accept: self-standing canes, rollator walkers, toilet risers, grab bars

We DO NOT accept: crutches, canes, silver walkers, commodes, customized power chairs, manual wheel chairs without foot rests, any item that is not in working and in clean condition

Please contact our Chico or Redding center to find out more information about how the re-use program may help you, or to donate needed durable medical equipment.