Teresa Evans






Traumatic Brain Injury Program Specialist
Senior Vision Program Assistance
Volunteers and Interns
Website and Social Media
Information and Outreach

Email: teresa@actionctr.org

Teresa is multi-focused and team driven.  She provides services to people with disabilities, and collaborates with other organizations in DAC’s nine county area of Northern California in the communities of Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, and Tehama.  Each year you can find Teresa actively engaged in each county; working with people with disabilities, meeting with organizations, conducting or assisting with presentations, tabling at an event or a senior day at fair.  Teresa is able to be reached out of the Redding office at (530) 242-8550.  Voice mail at extension 201 for leaving messages.  Email is available as shown above.

Traumatic Brain Injury Program is driven by two mandates; reduce service gaps, and improve quality of life.  The program provides no charge services to individuals living with a Traumatic Brain Injury, and support to both family members and caregivers.  Services include case management, information and referrals, service coordination, supported living services, community integration, vocational supports, and local groups that focus on support, education, and productive activities.   Participating in the program people have said it has been “life altering” or “what a difference it has made to me to have that support” or “I finally got that referral from my doctor to see that specialist I have been needing to see” or “I finally am seeing someone who is helping me increase my functioning” or “Coming in to the group it was better than I thought it would be” or “I am soooo glad you helped me with that paperwork” or ” I do not feel so alone anymore.”

Senior Vision Program Assistance is about helping team members connect to places and people in all of our communities through outreach and assistance with people with low or no vision to improve or maintain their self care, independence, and daily life activities through support, education, and visual adaptive aids.

Volunteers and Interns are welcome at both the Chico and Redding offices.  Teresa coordinates volunteers and interns out of the Redding office.  If interested in being a Volunteer or Intern, please contact the Chico or Redding offices for an application to fill out, and return.

Website and social media coordination is completed by Teresa.  If you have questions about website or social media contact info@actionctr.org






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