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Center was a vital resource during north state power shutoff

Whether it was a lithium battery powering crucial medical devices for up to three days, hotel stays or $50 daily food vouchers, Disability Action Center was a vital resource for north state residents affected by the PG&E power shutoffs.

The center used a $60,000 grant from PG&E to provide an array of services that were required the last week of October as the giant utility company shut off power to consumers for fire prevention reasons.

Up to 15 batteries were distributed to DAC consumers in Redding and Chico.

Hotel stays, which included daily food vouchers, totaled 30 guests.

“It was a very successful program,” said center program manager Wendy Longwell.

More power shutoffs are planned by PG&E to counter the threat from statewide wildfires and DAC will be prepared with even more batteries that have been provided by the utility, Longwell said.

Some outstanding batteries still need to be returned to either the Redding or Chico DAC offices.

If you are having difficulty returning a battery that was loaned to you by DAC, call 242-8550 or 893-8527 to arrange a pickup.

Cody Hull Lauded For Dedicated Service

Longtime volunteer Cody Hull was honored as Disability Action Center’s Outstanding Volunteer Award winner during a recent staff meeting in Chico.

Executive Director Evan Levang spoke of Hull’s enthusiastic efforts on behalf of DAC while presenting a special plaque to the award winner.

The plaque reads: “Thank you for your dedication.”

Among his numerous contributions to DAC, Mr. Hull compiles a housing list of available properties for Butte County residents and beyond. He also regularly works the center’s reception area, answering phones and greeting the public.

DAC program manager Wendy Longwell praised Hull’s willingness to be a team player. “Cody is always there when we ask him to go above and beyond,” Longwell said.

Chico Mayor Randall Stone attended the meeting and helped recognize Hull.

DAC OIB Senior Specialist Teresa Rios lauded Hull for his pleasant demeanor and versatility. “Cody is always willing to help with any and every project he is asked to help with,” she said. “When he gets to the office he always makes his way back to my office to say ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’. It is such a pleasure to have him in our office.”

DAC Accepting Applications

DAC is seeking résumés from qualified individuals that are interested in working with us. We are now actively hiring for our Redding Center for the Older Individuals who are Blind Program (OIB).

The purpose of the OIB program is to

  • Provide independent living services to older individuals who are blind;
  • Conduct activities that will improve or expand services for these individuals; and
  • Improve public understanding of these individuals’ challenges.

An “older individual who is blind” is an individual age 55 or older whose significant visual impairment makes competitive employment extremely difficult to attain but for whom independent living goals are feasible. Through these services and activities, the program seeks to improve independent living options for older individuals who are blind and increase their independence and self-sufficiency.

DAC Employment Application

Independent Living – Senior Specialist OIB North

Phillips Networks with Service Workers

Assistive Technology specialist with DAC, Dwight Phillips, recently teamed with the Western Service Workers Association of Redding to distribute clothing and toys to children in families experiencing material hardship.

Phillips used the The Disability Action Center’s box transport truck to move the special items from Chico to Redding. He also regularly transports large durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, motorized chairs, and hoyer lifts to facilitate bringing equipment for consumer pick-up between our center locations.

“It’s good to know there’s organizations still out there helping the less fortunate in our society,” Phillips stated.

3_14 No. 2 pix

Disability Action Center’s Dwight Phillips, center, worked with Western Service Workers staff to give clothing and toys to the needy of the North State region.


Friday, September 16 in Redding

Do you care about any of the following topics?

  • Medicare and Social Security?
  • Protecting Your Pension and Retirement Income?
  • Lowering Your Cost of Prescription Drugs?
  • Health Care for All?
  • Quality Housing Options for Seniors and People with Disabilities?
  • Safer Streets and Increased Public Transportation Services?

Disability Action Center staff will be present at this key event.  We encourage all to join us and CARA (California Association of Retired Americans) on Friday, September 16. Register by September 1.  Additional information is on the flyer.CARA Town Hall 9-16-16

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Lots of outreach being done in our communities. If you wish a presentation of DAC programs and services please let us know. DAC counties include Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, and Tehama. Chico Office (530) 893-8527 and Redding Office (530) 242-8550. Thanks!

Poignant discussion that puts a human face on SSI AND SECTION 8

CHECK OUT THIS FACT SHEET ON RENTS TO SSI!! Due to State Cuts, SSI/SSP Grants Lose Ground to Housing Costs shows that the Fair Market Rent for a studio apartment is more than half the maximum SSI/SSP grant (for an individual) in every county and higher than the entire grant in more than 1 in 4 counties. Read the fact sheet.

Kathy NO NO around here NO ONE could rent anything, not even a room, for the amount of SSI which is $889 a month. Rooms here are $800 to $900 a month in San Diego. I don’t care where you live here. What is left for utilities and food? And you can’t get foodstamps if you are on SSI here. oh and the wait for Section 8 housing is 8 to 10 years. I waited almost 6 years 15 years ago and now it is much longer. Sandy Lindsey Patrick The waiting list isn’t fair b/c they don’t go by when you signed up, the computer spits out names. Kathy NO well supposedly the elderly and the disabled go to the top of the list. Regular poor folks don’t have a chance really… Except that single elderly or disabled can only rent a 1 bedroom place unless they have an aide. Then they can get 2 bedrooms. Otherwise all the 3 bedrooms and up have to go to families. Sandy Lindsey Patrick it doesn’t work like that in Kern County. My daughter has pots, tn, ic, fibro, ncs. etc. she’s been on waiting list for past 4 yrs. Tina Chessani Doesnt work like that in LA County either. My mom has been disabled for over 10 years and has been on the list for at least 9! Still nothing! Kathy NO Well that’s how it is around here too. The wait is horrendous. There isn’t enough housing to go around. La Cynthia I was in desperate need to move to an apartment on the first floor because my son was on chemo and was not able to walk. I searched for help all over and nothing was available for us. I was told that the hospital social workers could help us out but turns out they just told me that parents just figure it out! I’m a single parent who quit the job to stay with him in the hospital and SSI was my only income. My son is 10 and is a big boy son I could no longer carry him down the stairs. I googled online and got on different affordable housing programs but I was told with each and everyone one of them that the wait time was years, sometimes up to 10. Now that we were approved for IHSS full hrs after years we finally have an apartment of our own. Still waiting for an accessible place to live but for now we are good  🙂 

Are you rain safe?

Lots of rain coming down. There was some possible warnings of how El Nino may cause us some unexpected weather. The drought that last five years, and recent wild fires that have devastated parts of the land there could possibly be added soil erosion leading to mud slides and flooding with debris. One of the things they did not mention was in being aware of your surroundings. When you are walking, driving, doing what you do, and around your living spaces…be aware of what is going on around you and the landscape you are living with. Things that you see around you can be a precursor. Some things may never show up on your radar, but there are things that may quite well be there to be seen, that you can take action to deter or avoid.

It is important to be prepared in advance for possible emergencies/disasters. There are steps that people with all abilities can do to help them selves in advance of possible situations. DAC can put you in touch with an organization that helps you make that plan in advance if you want to give one of our offices a call in Chico (530) 893-8527 or Redding (530) 242-8550.