Obama Administration Announces New Steps to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

The Obama Administration is making an additional $50 million available for cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research. The administration’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget will increase funding for Alzheimer’s research by $80 million, plus an additional $26 million for caregiver support, provider education and public awareness about the disease. This new funding will speed up the National Institutes of Health’s effort to develop new ways of helping people with Alzheimer’s disease and those at risk.

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Rally Against More Cuts

Services for disadvantaged citizens have already been cut to the bone.  Join us to protect vital services.  Your well-being depends on it.  Federal magistrate Wilkens has prevented a 20% cut in IHSS because that would force people from their homes into nursing homes.  Governor Brown wants to cut more next year.   Child care support for people looking to get off welfare is threatened.  Senior nutrition support is threatened. Join us.  We need you & you need us to protect your services.

Wednesday January 18, Noon on the South steps of the Capitol.  Transportation will be provided by ILSNC, 1161 East Ave.  Leave Chico at 9:30 sharp.

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100 Attend Town Hall on Healthcare

Monday evening, a full house of 100 people attended an exciting and inspiring town hall meeting describing the successful new strategy  employed by activists in Vermont from 2008 to the present day.   One of the strongest messages heard was that only through dogged determination and a strong commitment to promoting unity based on principles of inclusion can any progressive movement succeed.

It was truly empowering to learn that so many dedicated activists were so committed to the first principle of reform, which is universality.  Attempts were made by opponents to dilute the resulting legislation by proposing to not cover undocumented immigrants.  It could easily have been people with disabilities since most have Medi-Cal and are technically covered with one form of insurance.  Since most of us suffer at the expense of an inferior brand of health insurance, we urge y0u to join the single-payer movement.  You can make real contributions and receive an improved, truly universal 100% coverage “Improved Medicare for All” healthcare system as a result.  In Butte County, the Butte County Health Care Coalition would welcome your contribution of effort.

The 6 Principles of Real Healthcare Reform are:

  1. Universality

  2. Comprehensive, High-Quality Level of Care

  3. Affordable, Based on Ability to Pay

  4. Costs Must Be Contained

  5. Accountability

  6. Transparency

If you would like to be the beneficiary of such a wonderful improvement in your healthcare options, consider volunteering for the Butte County Health Care Coalition.  Additional information is available on their website at :

In our society there is a new opening for deep changes.  If you are tired and discouraged from getting the short end of the stick lately, we encourage you to get active.  In the 60’s, disabled activists gained important civil rights through participation in the social justice issues of the day.  Now is our time to gain new rights by joining with other activists.  What better place to start than by joining the other activists fighting for a fair and just healthcare system, one in which disabled citizens share with others in living a better quality of life.

Meet James Haslam, director of the Vermont Workers Center tonight in Chico (Oct 24). Butte County Health Care Coalition presents a town hall on REAL health care reform.

Interested in REAL healthcare reform? Don’t miss the Butte County Health Care Coalition’s big town hall meeting tonight (Monday) @ 6:30 PM at Trinity Methodist Church, 5th & Flume in Chico

Let’s work together to win accessible, comprehensive and affordable health insurance for all!

 Featured speakers will be James Haslam, director of the Vermont Workers Center & Donna Smith, organizer extraordinaire from National Nurses United, plus local speakers, including ILSNC Executive Director, Evan LeVang. Doors open at 6:00. See you there! For information, call Forest Harlan @ ILSNC: 530-893-8527.  Learn more about the path to universal, comprehensive and affordable health care for all at