State Legislation

Straight from the state capital on DAC’s Advocacy Day:

SB 1190 has passed the State Senate with virtually no opposition and is onto the Assembly, according to Sen. Ted Gaines’ office, who represents the Redding area. The senator was a co-sponsor of the bill, which was supported by disability rights legal advocate group Dredf.

The bill would establish a fund to financially reward state residents, or their survivors, who were involuntarily sterilized upon admittance to a facility for the developmentally disabled.

State-sponsored sterilization linked to Eugenics laws was a common practice in California facilities from 1909-1979.

Gov. Davis publicly apologized for the practice in 2003.

AB 2156, which was opposed by Dredf and other advocacy groups, did not make it out of an Assembly committee. The bill would have expanded legal conservatorships for residents with mental disabilities. Advocates for the disabled felt it would have taken away citizens’ civil liberties and independent living opportunities.

SB 1376 calls for regulations to install disability access requirements in Transportation Network Companies (TNC) like Uber and Lyft autos in the state by 2020, and is supported by Dredf and Disability Rights California.

The bill passed 39-0 in the senate in May and moved onto the Assembly. It was heard on June 20 in the assembly’s Committee on Communications and Conveyance, who voted 9-1 to pass it on to the Transportation Committee.



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