DAC Staff Shows Holiday Spirit

Pictured left to right, top row: Dan Murphy, Teresa Rios, , Wendy Longwell, Carolyn Nava,  Dwight Phillips, Jeannette Lanterman. Bottom row: David Colefield, Jose Guerra, Kathlyn Myers, special guest Aurora, Lisa Camilleri, Ashlee Halopoff, Khadijah Webster and Goldie House. Not pictured: Derek Hill.
David Colefield opens up a White Elephant gift.
Derek Hill reacts to a White Elephant gift.
A popular question asked by staff in 2019: What Would Wendy Do? Ashlee Halopoff, right, took home the What Would Wendy Do t-shirt as a gift. At left is program manager Wendy Longwell (Dan Murphy photo).

White Elephant gifts, cake and plenty of good-natured fun dominated the 2019 Disability Action Center holiday season party and staff meeting in Chico on Dec. 19.

Data specialist Goldie House started the morning with a thorough CIL suite presentation to staff.

Disability Rights of California, based in Sacramento, then gave a quality overview, focusing on its in-depth Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury or PATBI program.

Call DRC when you want:

  • Info on legal rights for citizens with traumatic brain injury
  • Referrals to other agencies who might be able to help you
  • Help with payee issues
  • Help with issues at a facility
  • Info on Medi-Cal rights relating to TBI

Call DRC at 1-800-776-5746 for more details.