Outage victims on CalFresh can get spoiled food replaced

Are you a CalFresh recipient whose food spoiled due to the power outages?

You can request a replacement of your CalFresh Food benefits if your food spoiled due to a power outage.
You have up to 10 days after the food was lost to request the replacement. Contact your local county office for help.

How do I request a replacement of my CalFresh Food benefits?

Contact your local county office. You will need to complete, sign, and turn in a ‘CF 303’ form to request a replacement. Include your contact information and a short description of how your food was lost. Include the time and date of the power outage.

Won’t my local county office be closed because of the power outages?

We recommend calling your county office before visiting in person to make sure they are open. They may also be able to help you by phone.

Call 1-877-847-3663 (FOOD) or find an office at  www.CalFreshFood.org

And if you know someone who receives SSI benefits and has not applied for CalFresh yet, this is a good time to apply.

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