Meet Sor Lo: Independent Living Specialist

Sor Lo serves Disability Action Center’s Southern Counties as an Independent Living (IL) Specialist. He typically assists about 30 consumers on an ongoing basis, mainly in the under-served Asian community. Sor speaks several languages fluently, providing the DAC with a unique link to the service areas it covers.

He’s also active around Chico, having vied for a seat on the City Council; has served other non-profits; and, is a local business owner.

Originally from Laos, Lo is a big soccer fan, and has lived in the United States for 30 years.

Name: Sor Lo

Years at DAC: 13

Title: Independent Living Specialist

Consumers: About 30 active consumers.

Ethnic groups I serve: Six.

Grants I work under: AB 204.

My goals at DAC: Help the under-served population as much as possible.

I am: A person who has the knowledge and skills to help under-served people.

Special skills: I speak 7 different languages.

Favorite language:  Muong; I came from Laos.

My No. 1 asset: Experience and language skills.

Sor’s five-year plan: Keep doing what I do.







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