Meet Rachel Sabino: TBI Advocate

7_09 Sabino No. 2The Disability Action Center’s newest Traumatic Brain Injury Advocate is Rachel Sabino, who works out of the Chico headquarters. Sabino recently graduated from Chico State University with a degree in social work, and admires her consumers’ progress in the center’s TBI program. Her future goals at DAC are to see more advocates join the cause, and to witness it become a “sustainable, valuable and resourceful program for individuals living with a traumatic brain injury who want to strive to be there best self.”

Name: Rachel Sabino

Hometown: Redding

Education: Bachelors in Social Work

Title with DAC: Traumatic Brain Injury Advocate

Job description-duties: Provide services that promote independent living to people with traumatic brain injuries to live more independently within their community, by providing TBI core services including supported living, community reintegration, vocational support, informational and referral, and professional and public community education and outreach. Direct services will include housing, peer support, supported living services, case management, independent living skills training, benefits planning, transition, and individual advocacy services. Core services are provided in the office, community, and home through in-person, email, and telephone contact.

Philosophy/motto you use for your job: “Accept, Adapt and Adjust. If you don’t have the first, you’re not going to have the other two.” — From Mr. Talmadge House, who has been one of my mentors at Disability Action Center.

Rewarding aspects of your job: Having the opportunity to admire my consumers’ strengths in maintaining and/or pursue their independence. Also, the in-person interaction while working with remarkable individuals, has guided my perspective to learn from them and possibly solve society’s problems.

No. 1 success story on the job: I don’t have just one success story, but I have seen success in all my consumers for the steps they have accomplished in pursuing their goals.

Hobbies: Enjoy spending time with my loved ones, including my puppy. Taking adventures outside. Also, I like to keep busy with working at Disability Action Center and being a waitress on the side.

Future goals @ DAC: Honestly, hopefully find another full-time advocate to take over the program and from there, expand the program to bring on more advocates to work with all the consumers. I want to shape the TBI program to become a sustainable, valuable and resourceful program for individuals living with a traumatic brain injury who want to strive to be there best self.


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