Join the DAN Coalition

The Diversability Advocacy Network (DAN), under the direction of DAC Systems Change Advocate Michael Brady, commits to advocating for changes that improve the lives of older adults and people of all ages with disabilities in the north Sacramento Valley and mountain communities of the North State. Part of the group’s core mission is to promote and educate about quality healthcare access.

DAN endorses a system of long-term services and supports based on principles like dignity, choice, flexibility, quality, legality, cultural competence, accessibility and inclusive independence.

DAN partners with the State Council on Developmental Disabilities-North State office, PASSAGES, DAC, and its current activities are largely funded by The SCAN Foundation.

DAN launches its first annual Leadership Voices on Healthcare Direction, A Community Symposium on October 12, 2018, at the Enloe Conference Center in Chico. The group welcomes community participation, at the upcoming event, and at its regular monthly meetings in the DAC Community Room, 1161 East Avenue, Chico.  Call Mr. Brady at 893-8527 Ext. 111 for meeting details.


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