Rockets & Robots!

Congratulations Alex Buchko!

Alex recently won the Department of Energy’s Science Bowl regional championship in Redding. Alex is team captain of Parsons Junior High School Team 1. The team will now head to Washington D.C. in April to compete in the national championship match.

Alex is a Rockets & Robots Science Club member. He is 13 years old and, like most kids his age, he enjoys studying quantum mechanics! Alex wants to be an inventor.

The Rockets & Robots Club mission is to develop and encourage the natural ability of children on the autism spectrum for the purposes of preparing them for a science-related career and enhancing their enjoyment of life in an environment that is sensitive to their needs. The Rockets & Robots club will focus on their strengths and attempt to develop them in a fun and interesting way. 

The R&R club leader, Russ Rudin, is an adult on the autism spectrum that was one of the lead designers of the current Sidewinder missile and co-designer of the RITA telemedicine robot.  Russ made his first robot out of an old dishwasher when he was 10.  You can find him most days hunched-over his latest project with a soldering iron in one hand and hot-glue gun in the other!

Contact: Russ Rudin, PhD – R&R Club Director

530 215-3828  

2 Comments on “Rockets & Robots!

  1. Is the R & R just in Redding? If so it would be nice if it said so on your site. Like in the beginning somewhere? Except where it talks about the meeting at Home Depot in Redding I could see anything about where it is? If your in Chico I would love more info. thank you!


    • Our R & R Program is based in Redding; however we do have the ability to bring group projects into other areas. We currently work with CSU Chico preparing ways to fully expand the program. If you would like to participate, please contact for more information. Thanks for your interest.


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