ADA Transition Committee Meeting

We invite you to mark your calendar and join DAC for the upcoming ADA Transition Committee Meeting on Thursday, November 9, 2017 from 3:30 – 5:00pm.
This critical meeting will provide opportunity to critique the Chico City ADA Transition plan going forward. The discussion is a natural segue way to the City’s upcoming December 5, 2017 Council Meeting where discussion on updates to the City’s ADA Transition Plan awaits the agenda. This is the chance to offer your input.
An interactive city map hangs in the DAC Community Center meeting room located at 1161 East Avenue in Chico. The map remains available for viewing and marking leading up to the December Council Meeting.
Dry erase markers and a message clip board is available for your utilization. DAC staff is happy to help you in any way we are able to facilitate your participation. Please stop by the Center to share your thoughts and mark any barriers on the map of note or concern to you. You may also call the center at (530)893-8527 extension 114 to voice your concern or request a map marking if you are not able to come to the center.

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