Brain Injury Awareness Month – TBI by the Numbers


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  1. As a Califirnia resident, wIth a TBI, I have found that becoming employed again after 14 years of not working would be greatly enhanced if I had more to offer. I am still perfectly able to perform in my role as an RN, however and this is my assumption the fear that I may not be capable of doing the work but the employer will not be able to terminate me because I am dusabled gas made it difficult to find work, even in this ryral area, as an RN. I hope to better my status by finising my BSN. Most of the RNs in the area have only their ADN. Hiwever living on SSDI makes returning for 30 more hours seem insurmounrable. Is there funding for the disabled, especially the lefally blind, to finish a degree that will assist me to becoming a full time employed rax paying cutizen again? Though I have lived here since 2010, I know very little about 5he availability of funding for college tuition and books. Since I already have my RN and much experience I cannot see the logic of seeking a technical education, when I lack only the 30 hours a university requires demands to put theur name on my diploma. I hope someobe reads this and can give me sources for funding to finish my education.

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