Poignant discussion that puts a human face on SSI AND SECTION 8

CHECK OUT THIS FACT SHEET ON RENTS TO SSI!! Due to State Cuts, SSI/SSP Grants Lose Ground to Housing Costs shows that the Fair Market Rent for a studio apartment is more than half the maximum SSI/SSP grant (for an individual) in every county and higher than the entire grant in more than 1 in 4 counties. Read the fact sheet.


Kathy NO NO around here NO ONE could rent anything, not even a room, for the amount of SSI which is $889 a month. Rooms here are $800 to $900 a month in San Diego. I don’t care where you live here. What is left for utilities and food? And you can’t get foodstamps if you are on SSI here. oh and the wait for Section 8 housing is 8 to 10 years. I waited almost 6 years 15 years ago and now it is much longer. Sandy Lindsey Patrick The waiting list isn’t fair b/c they don’t go by when you signed up, the computer spits out names. Kathy NO well supposedly the elderly and the disabled go to the top of the list. Regular poor folks don’t have a chance really… Except that single elderly or disabled can only rent a 1 bedroom place unless they have an aide. Then they can get 2 bedrooms. Otherwise all the 3 bedrooms and up have to go to families. Sandy Lindsey Patrick it doesn’t work like that in Kern County. My daughter has pots, tn, ic, fibro, ncs. etc. she’s been on waiting list for past 4 yrs. Tina Chessani Doesnt work like that in LA County either. My mom has been disabled for over 10 years and has been on the list for at least 9! Still nothing! Kathy NO Well that’s how it is around here too. The wait is horrendous. There isn’t enough housing to go around. La Cynthia I was in desperate need to move to an apartment on the first floor because my son was on chemo and was not able to walk. I searched for help all over and nothing was available for us. I was told that the hospital social workers could help us out but turns out they just told me that parents just figure it out! I’m a single parent who quit the job to stay with him in the hospital and SSI was my only income. My son is 10 and is a big boy son I could no longer carry him down the stairs. I googled online and got on different affordable housing programs but I was told with each and everyone one of them that the wait time was years, sometimes up to 10. Now that we were approved for IHSS full hrs after years we finally have an apartment of our own. Still waiting for an accessible place to live but for now we are good  🙂