John’s Memorial Website


Dear Family and friends of John Wilkins: on this auspicious occasion of John’s birthday I am happy to announce the launch of John’s memorial website, This is a permanent place to share our memories and honor the work of a truly great activist, citizen, friend, brother and son. The site will grow and develop in the months and years ahead. It will be interactive as new features are added. So what you’ll see today is just the initial version. Many thanks to ...designer Sam McKay and John’s dear friend, Don Foster, for their work in making this happen.
We are working on two special projects in John’s memory that will be announced soon. 2016 will be a special year for carrying forward John’s life work!

Evan LeVang
Executive Director
Disability Action Center
Chico / Redding, CA

3 Comments on “John’s Memorial Website

  1. John Wilkins was a colleague extraordinaire in the fight to bring livable wages and benefits to California IHSS providers. Whenever our campaigns required him to be in Sacramento for a coalition meeting or a hearing at the State Capitol I had the pleasure of spending some face time in person with John. As the years went on….and the IHSS Public Authority funding finally came through, our Independent Living Center here in Sacramento moved on to focusing on homeless issues in the disability community. I missed seeing John and relied on Evan at the Chico ILC to keep me updated. When John passed I felt a deep sense of loss…..loss of an IL comrade…loss of a friend. I wanted to leave a comment here to send my condolences to his family, friends and other IL colleagues and to express my profound gratitude to have spent some time with John in the Independent Living Movement. My love to you ,John, wherever your sweet soul is residing. I suspect it is in Paradise with the company of other activist angels like you.


  2. Sadly, the above “I am happy to announce the launch of John’s memorial website, This is a permanent place to share our memories and honor the work of a truly great activist, citizen, friend, brother and son.” wasn’t as permanent as promised. While the domain name is paid up until 7/23/2019, someone forgot to pay for the site to be hosted.

    I knew John very well. We lived in the same apartment complex For 25+ years. I helped him come up with the idea of starting a website for the coalition by suggested a hosting service, etc. I recall nearly every day he spent hours each morning updating news on that site.

    Some of his closes friends, as well as his brother, knew of my experience networking computer systems, running websites, etc. My only real weakness was actually designing websites as I lack any artistic skills. That said, I’m deeply disappointed that no one reached out to me about hosting his site. I would have done so for free. All I would have needed is for someone to keep his domain name registration updated.

    While John has been gone for nearly 5 years, he is still remembered by so many. It is troubling that the closest thing to a monument to his life’s work is gone. All because someone decided that hosting his site was no longer worth the money. Whoever made this decision should be ashamed…


    • Dear friend and supporter- This was not a deliberate decision to close the site. We hold a special place in our heart for John and have plans in motion for a permanent scholarship in his honor. We are working to correct this unfortunate error which came about as a result of a technical challenge when our servers went offline during the recent California firestorms.


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