Traumatic Brain Injury Report to Congress – March 2015

Traumatic Brain injuries affect millions every year.  Some prevention is possible.  Some not so possible.  These reports were created by the CDC for Congress and was presented recently in March 2015.  The statistics seem staggering.  For more information, please go to



2 Comments on “Traumatic Brain Injury Report to Congress – March 2015

  1. The head-injured end up in the mental health system, which is not technically supposed to care for them. However, with new insurance rules and poor access to neurology specialist making actual diagnosis difficult if not impossible, they end up on the street or in and out of jails. So they keep getting punted into the mental health crisis system, where we say “refer them to the head injury agency…” Oh, wait – nevermind, THERE ISN’T ONE! All the Haldol in the world will not fix TBI violent behaviors. There needs to be a solution for these folks!


    • We love getting feedback. Traumatic Brain Injuries affect so many lives. Some of the seizures that may be experienced by individuals affected by traumatic brain injuries may appear violent, but is not a “violent behavior” which can often seem confusing to those looking on. For more education and support for individuals who have sustained a brain injury, as well as their family members and care givers Disability Action Center will begin to offer services that will be provided through a person centered system which respects and responds to the individual’s needs, goals and value. Core services will include supported living, community integration, vocational supports, information & referrals, and both public & professional education.


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