Courtesy of Ability Tools – The WHILL

It’s Not a Wheelchair, It’s a Personal Mobility Device – The WHILL

Posted: 10 Feb 2015 01:14 PM PST

WHILL is a new personal mobility device – not called a wheelchair – that has a unique sleek design making it look like the future is here.  This design is purposeful, as the founders and creators of the WHILL wanted to invent a device that was functional and comfortable, but also modern, as the design of the basic wheelchair has not altered for years. Perhaps even more importantly, they wanted to change the perception people have of wheelchair users – as in the stigma that can exists.

“Our mission is to make technology that is minimalistic, functional and stylish. We intend to fundamentally change the attitudes of personal mobility users, as well as the general perceptions of personal mobility”.

Check out more about WHILL on their website at:

Some of the other unique features of WHILL include:

§ All direction four wheel drive and minimal turning radius.

§ Unique and larger front wheels that can maneuver over rough terrains and steep hills as well as grass, dirt, gravel, wood-chips, and snow.

§ An “Acceleration Management System” that allows users to customize the speed and movement of their WHILL – can also do this via an app on your smart device.

§ The arms glide up to give the user more space to move and to sit at tables, desks, etc.

§ The seat glides forward and backwards, allowing for smoother transfers and table seating.

§ Choice of mouse-controller or ergonomic joystick controller – interchangeable for right and left-handed users.

§ Subtle hanger on the backrest holds a large bag/backpack so you can keep your belongings safe.

Check out this video (closed captioning available) with Scott McNealy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, on the future and importance of personal mobility devices:

One Comment on “Courtesy of Ability Tools – The WHILL

  1. I don’t think this design would work for someone with a severe disability. Looks good but doesn’t seem like it would be functional in a day to day living situation. Pretty but not useful in my opinion. Barb


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