Resident & Home Wish List Veterans Home of California – Redding


1.  Lap Top Computers/Digital Camera/Kindles

2.  Food Gift Cards (In-n-Out, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Carl Jr.) for Resident Outings

3.  Newspaper subscriptions for the home (2-USA Today’s)

4.  Magazine subscriptions for the home (People, Sports Illustrated, etc.)

5.  Cascade Theatre or River Front Play House tickets

6.  Movie Passes (CINEMARK gift card)

7.  Sponsor Bingo prizes for a month

8.  Personal Hygiene Items (please call for details)

9.  Wal-Mart Gift Cards

10.  Portable DVD and CD players

11.  Summer and Fall holiday décor or plants to living areas

12.  CD’s: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra

13.  Sponsor shows and entertainment to come to Veterans home

14.  Musical equipment: Electric or digital piano, guitar, silent drumming kit

15.  Large print books and activity books

16.  Dishes and coffee cups for kitchenettes

17.  Décor for the living spaces (artificial plants, knick knacks, pictures)

18.  Thank You and Birthday cards

19.  Fishing Poles

For more information, contact Veteran’s Home 224-2829