Falling Back into School – Not Falling through the Cracks

It is the time of the year where summer is fading and many are falling back into school.  Many educational budgets have been cut over the years and each year brings some changes to our schools, colleges, and universities.  The programs may have different names, or perhaps there is no official resource person at the school, but the accessibility of education is of paramount importance.  Often when we think of accessibility we think of a ramp on a sidewalk or into a building, or widened doorways, or the parking spots that are situated in some way closer to a building.  These are all important, but when we gear up for accessible education it expands into what that student needs for education or a specific class.  Colleges and Universities have disability services that can make educational accessibility more relevant.  It can be a device, or it can be a fellow student taking good notes and sharing it, or something I cannot even think of yet.  This starts by a student applying for disability services and an accommodation can be made with a teacher or instructor that makes the learning environment more hospitable and accessible for that student.  For schools in the area, SELPA or special education services can be requested that make learning more accessible.  If you feel there is a barrier to your learning consider speaking to people that can connect you with disability services to make education more accessible to you, or to your child.