Ability Tools

No – our programs aren’t changing and yes, we are still the statewide Assistive Technology Network.

One of our main goals this year was to launch a new website, and that lead us to rethink our look and feel. Along with the new website comes a fresh new look and a name that better reflects who we are and what we do.

We built a new, easy-to-navigate website that is simpler, sleek in design and content and will make searching for Assistive Technology information and resources easier for everyone!

Why Ability Tools? Our new name focuses on the broad variety of AT available, the “tools” that support the “ability” to live independently. The name is designed to get the attention of people who are not familiar with assistive technology. We will continue to use the term Assistive Technology to describe AT products and services.

We hope you like the new name and logo as much as we do.

Click here to view our brand new beautiful and easy-to-navigate website!

This is our first soft launch so please let us know if you find any errors or issues with the site so that we can fix them before we send out the big announcement to our hundreds of members.


Rachel Anderson
Marketing & Communications Manager
AT Network
California Foundation for Independent Living Centers
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