Don’t Destroy the American Dream

North State Residents Stand in Opposition to the Debt Ceiling Deal
On Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 12 noon North State residents of the Rebuild The Dream Movement will gather at Representative Wally Herger’s office, located at 2595 Ceanothus Ave. in Chico, Ca. to protest the recent Debt Ceiling Deal made by Congress.
North State residents oppose the deal because it doesn’t raise taxes on America’s wealthy- who are now taking home a larger share of total income and wealth, and whose tax rates are already lower than they have been in eighty years. Yet it puts the nation’s most important safety nets and public investments on the chopping block.  The Debt Ceiling Deal hurts the most vulnerable of North State residents: the elderly, people with disabilities, children and working families – we cannot afford any more cuts to vital human services while ignoring corporate tax loopholes and avoiding raising taxes on America’s most wealthy.

Rebuild The Dream Movement is comprised of North State residents who are calling on Congress to pass a Clean Debt Ceiling increase so that America doesn’t default – no more cuts to vital human services, close corporate tax loopholes and have America’s wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.